Friday, January 31, 2014

casinos, puppies, and scenes from touring life

a beautiful day on the Mississippi River, setting of some friends' wedding in October

hello there. it's been a while! this past year(because it's been almost a year since i last posted, eek!) has been quite an eventful one, both ups and downs. though i got MARRIED in december(it has been a blast so far, but more on that later!) and have traveled across the country throughout the year, the death of my sweet dog pretty must cast a pall over most everything for me. it has taken me a very, very long time to get back to feeling any semblance of normalcy and get on a routine. i've also been trying to figure out my professional life, as i began what seemed like a dream job in august and have found it just as unfufilling as my all of my previous jobs. (though i have been blessed with excellent coworkers, once again!) so all in all, life has been taking a bit of getting used to. but part of me figuring things out in this new life is getting active on the blog once more! i have a bit of a staggering backlog of pictures that i've taken since last july, so i figured i'd share some. the band crisscrossed the south and midwest on mini tours, i went to chicago twice to see my best gals, spent a weekend in Mississippi with my mom, gambling(no luck, ha) and volunteering at our favorite animal rescue. i'll save the wedding and the honeymoon(!!!) for a future post. it's nice to be back!!!
inside of a cool old trunk at an antique store in Alabama

amazing antique hat selection in Gadsden, AL
awesome diner with peanut butter pancakes in Springfield, MO

SNOOPY!!! a beagle available for adoption through the tunica humane society

puppy party!!!
the painfully shy baby sisters of my parents' dog, still at the tunica humane society after almost 5 years :(
tunica, MS

almost got thrown out of the casino for taking this picture
downtown anniston, AL

bowling at Southport Lanes in Chicago