Friday, July 5, 2013


on Tuesday night we scored some free tickets to see Bob Dylan, Wilco, and My Morning Jacket at the baseball stadium downtown. the sound was a bit lacking and it was hard to hear over the thousands of other people but the night was beautiful and there were soft pretzels and veggie hot dogs at the stadium, so all in all a good night!!!
I spent most of the fourth in a swimsuit playing ping pong and eating chips and dip, but today we went to my uncle's house for even more celebration. my uncle and cousin work on 60s and 70s Mustangs and I got to take a picture with this beauty. I was caught by surprise here, that look is NOT intentional. ugh lord. on the other hand, I am really enjoying focusing on the little things and trying to take more pictures of daily life. I LOVE picasa, especially the 1960s filter!

dress- vintage
belt- vintage
flats- Modcloth
I am a big fan of dressing up festively for pretty much every holiday and the 4th is no exception! I bought this dress in high school on an Etsy forerunner that I can't remember the name of now. I planned to wear it to the prom but I didn't go (too cool for school over here). glad my style hasn't changed in eight years!

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